A waste-free and carbon-neutral campaign

The amount of waste generated by political campaigns is horrifying. Think of all those flyers, corflutes, t-shirts that go into the bin after election day - or in some cases before election day!

So my aim is to reduce waste to an absolute minimum and to be as carbon-neutral as possible in running this campaign.

You're not going to see a bunch of cotton t-shirts with my face splashed over them (which may be a good thing on many levels) or flyers cluttering up mailboxes.

Carbon neutral is a bit more complex. I'm not a fan of the idea of just spending money to offset your carbon expenditure - carbon offsets are fine when you have no choice in spending the carbon, but when you have choices they're just a licence to pollute. My other problem is that buying offsets disadvantages those candidates who can't afford to do that and explicitly advantages those with deep pockets. So I'll just do everything I can to minimise my footprint for this campaign - look out for me on my bike...



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