My approach

I'm keeping this simple. Rather than make a raft of promises, I believe every decision that Council makes should be based on the foundations of climate and community.

Climate Change There is no more important issue than climate change and Council can make a real difference by keeping it at the centre of its focus. Whether that's about planning, bicycle paths, protecting and expanding green spaces, car parking, or...

Community We should be engaging with the whole community; and building communities across North Sydney. Council must listen to the community better than it does at the moment. We need to get the opinions of a wider range of people - especially younger people. As many people as want to should be able to address Council directly on topics that concern them. The Precinct system must be supported and nourished. We should be putting effort into spaces where people can get together, and into creating liveable, alive spaces in our villages.

We wont always agree, but I will undertake to listen and to clearly articulate my position.

Some specific issues

More facilities for children and youth North Sydney must recognise the changing demographics of the area and focus resources on facilities for children and young people. Older teens and young people are a particularly forgotten group at the moment. 

Better bicycle facilities We need bicycle paths that run through North Sydney and join up with regional paths - and that includes a way to get on and off the Harbour Bridge without dismounting.

Support electric cars Council should actively support the uptake of electric cars through, among other measures, the provision of charging stations and parking concessions.

Villages We need to put more effort into protecting and activating our local villages - Crows Nest, Cammeray, Neutral Bay, etc.

Feel free to get in contact to raise an issue.



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